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Prague is 12th most popular world city with tourists

Mar 31, 2008

Prague is the twelfth most popular city in the world with tourists, according to a poll of the TripAdvisor.com. portal of whose users nearly 85,000 said they liked Prague the best.

The top three cities were New York, Paris and London.

Six European cities got ahead of Prague, as well as four US cities and Sydney, Australia.

No other Czech city or town made it into the top 100 chart.

TripAdvisor.com surveys rank among the most closely watched in the tourist area. Nearly 30 million users visit the portal each month.

Prague recently succeeded also in annual survey Traveler's choice of the same portal which focuses on the most luxury hotels in the world. Prague's Le Palais ranked fifth, and four other Prague hotels also were in the top 100 chart.

Over 4 million foreign tourists visited Prague last year, which ranks the Czech capital among the top five cities in Europe.

A total of 6.7 million foreign tourists visited the Czech Republic last year, nearly 4 percent more than in 2006.